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Looking to once again push the envelope, Starstruck has evolved into a record label/artist development house in order to help cultivate and showcase some of the amazing hidden talent that exists in the world. With burgeoning talent such as Lizzy Page, Vinney Mendez and Cuzn’ It, Starstruck is determined to become a household name in due time.
Lizzy Page
Cuzn' It
Originally formed in 2011 as a brotherhood of like-minded individuals, Starstruck has evolved into a multimedia brand specializing in music, media and art. Founded by multimedia artist, Jaron Ikner, also known as southwest hip hop staple, Black One, the brand has always tried to remain ahead of the curve and push the thresholds of creativity. Events, live streams, artist development, and media production are just some of the talents Starstruck brings to the table.