Listen to PARALLAX now!
After Darksun defeats members of the Starstruck Initiative in the events of When The Stars Fell…,” He takes control of and eventually shatters the Black One Multiverse, effectively erasing the existence of Starstruck and sending all of the members to their own personal multiverses. Darksun continues to spread hate and negative energy, slowly poisoning and decaying not only his own universe but the collective consciousness of every sentient being that exists.
By banishing Cosmic Black to an eternity of shifting through different multiverses, he defeated the only known threat to his plan and rules the multiverses to his will. A year later, as worlds across multiverses still try to comprehend the existence, and decay of multiverses but not being able to access them to change anything without Cosmic Black’s powers, we find members of Starstruck surviving and living in their respective universes, still able to harness their innate abilities. Knowing that Cosmic Black is gone and the Black One Multiverse is destroyed, the heroes accept their fate and to focus on being the best versions of themselves in their own personal worlds, doing their best to stave off the ever growing hate and negative energy.
However, a brand new hero from a yet to be infected multiverse harnesses a new ability that can not only counter Darksun’s powerful negative energy but also tap into Cosmic Black’s life force. with his ability to communicate with different versions of himself across multiverses, our new hero realizes that he can channel and redirect the power of cosmic black.  After finding the “Jaron” of his own multiverse, our new hero must convince him to join him on a mission that will change everything...
chapter 1 "demons"
"how are you so sure this is going to work?" Jaron speaks in A heavy tone as he stares at a wide eye johnny love. 
"I honestly don't know," replies Johnny. "I'm trying to figure this all out myself."
Jaron shakes his head and massages the brow of his nose. He is clearly frustrated as he paces his apartment living room. Johnny sits at the table and bounces his leg as he watches him. the tension is high. this is usually the case when a complete stranger shows up to your apartment and tells you that a different version of you has the ability to bend space and time. The crazy part is that jaron has a feeling that he is right. 
"ok, kid. breakdown this starstruck bullshit to me again," Jaron continues. "you are saying that we have to go find them to do what now?"
"Restore the balance the multiverse and save everyone," Johnny quickly replies. 
"That! That right there," Jaron snaps back. "Why would I give a flying fuck about what is happening in some other universe? None of that "void" shit I keep seeing on the news has even come to this multiverse. Do you know how many multiverses there are? 
Johnny frowns. "Because whatever is destroying those multiverses is coming this way!"  
jaron scoffs, "And who is this evil threat we have to worry about?"
Johnny hesitates before he speaks. He looks jaron dead in the eye before he replies. 
Jaron laughs, "heh, oh yeah? and the voices in your head told you all of this right?" 
Johnny looks slightly offended. He knows that jaron isn't taking him seriously even though a superpowered version of the man standing in front of him started speaking to him in a his head and told him to come here this morning. he knew he couldn't leave without some how convincing jaron to help him. 
"i've had these voices in my head for a very long time now. as long as i have known. I used to call them "Demons," johnny reflects. 
jaron stares blankly at johnny "Neat," he replies with clear boredom. ​​​​​​​

Johnny continues,"it wasn't until after the news of "the void" that i realized that the voices were coming from different universes." 
"oh yeah? what were those voices saying? get some help?" laughs jaron. 
"they weren't saying anything really, just gibberish. until this morning, when I heard a new voice. your voice. it told me to come here. to find you. he showed me everything. the cause of the void, darksun, and what will happen if we don't stop it."
"look man, i was nice enough to let you inside my house. you looked like you needed some conversation but all of this starstruck, save the multiverse, cosmic black shit you are saying is fucking dumb. I got to get to work here soon, so i'm going to have to ask you to leave," jaron firmly states. 
"Wait!" johnny pleads with jaron. "I just need to know where I can find other members of starstruck. uh...jaca zulu, or maybe lizzy page or rubix?"
"Man, I have no idea who the fuck you are talking about, and from the sound of it, it seems like you don't either. there is no starstruck, we aren't going to save the multiverse together and you are fucking crazy. time to go, buddy."
jaron walks over to johnny grabs him by the shoulder. when he does, a bright flash goes off in the room, his eyes begin to glow as he starts to float in the air. johnny can only look on in fear.   
Jaron screams in pain as a bright multi colored energy swirls around him. the energy disappears and jaron falls to his knees. he buries his faces into his hands. johnny runs to him. 
"oh my god! are you okay?" he asks. 
jaron pulls his hands from his face. tears stream down his cheek. 
"i saw everything. the void. the war. oh my god." he cries. "i felt it all. the hate, the pain, the violence and destruction. it is too much."
johnny nods his head. "it's coming here," he says. 
"no," replies jaron. "It's already here. spreading amongst the people....oh god."
Jaron stands up. he grabs his keys and his wallet from the kitchen counter before moving towards the door. 
"I have to stop this," he exclaims. he turns to look at johnny, who is still kneeling on the ground. "are you coming?"
Johnny looks confused. "where are we going?"
jaron stares at johnny hard. "To go find starstruck." 

"demons" (Freeverse)

CHapter 2 - frequency 
Chapter 2: Frequency

As Jaron and Johnny enter the seedy looking and nearly empty warehouse, Johnny turns to Jaron.

“Why are we here? This place is empty,”  Love says.

Jaron doesn’t make eye contact as he steps into the large open room.

“He has to be here,” Jaron whispers.

As they move towards the middle of the area, they hear a ringtone. They both turn their gaze to the center of the warehouse to see a T-mobile Sidekick lying on the ground, ringing loudly. Johnny reaches reaches the phone first and picks it up.

“Is this a fucking Sidekick? I haven’t seen one of these in years,” he says.

As he examines it, the Sidekick begins to glow red hot, burning Johnny’s hand.
“AHHHHH!” He screams as he drops the phone. When it hits the ground it explodes in a sea of light blinding Johnny and Jaron. As they stagger back, a shadowy figure drops from the ceiling next to Johnny. He grabs him by the hair and throws him across the room. He then turns toward Jaron, pulls a Mototrola Razr from his pocket and opens it. A blast of energy shoots out and  hits Jaron in the chest. The figure runs over to Jaron and gets on top of him before he can recover. He holds the glowing cell phone over his face as he examines him. After a moment, he shakes his head.

“You aren’t one of them,” he says as he looks Jaron up and down. “You aren’t Cosmic either.”

Jaron, still shocked from the surprise attack, screams out in anger. “One of what?! What the hell! Get off of me.”

“Oh sorry.” The figure gets off of Jaron and helps him up. It is only at that moment that Jaron realizes that he is looking at Jaca Zulu.

“Jaca?” He exclaims.
Jaca nods. “In the flesh.”

Johnny groans in the distance. Jaca and Jaron hear the noise and run towards him. Johnny lies against the wall rubbing his head.

“Oh shit,” Jaca laughs. “My bad. Is this your homey?”

Jaca reaches out a hand to Johnny. Johnny grabs it and pulls himself up.

“Nice Welcome,” Says Johnny.

Jaca turns back to Jaron. “You aren’t one of them and you aren’t Cosmic, who are you?”

“Uh...I’m just regular ass me. I was drawn here by find you.”

Jaca motions towards Johnny. Jaron responds “Oh, That’s Johnny. He randomly showed up at my house talking about multiverses and alternate evil versions of me with unlimited power. As I was kindly trying to kick him out, something...happened. Cosmic appeared to me and told me I needed to find Starstruck."

Jaca laughs, “Starstruck is gone. Did Cosmic tell you that?”

Johnny and Jaron look at each other in confusion. Jaca shakes his head.

“Come on, let’s get out of the open,” he says.

Jaca walks over to the corner of the warehouse and pushes a panel. A door opens up in the floor revealing a staircase. He begins to walk down. “Follow me.”

Johnny and Jaron are hesitant before they follow Jaca downstairs, revealing a large open living area. Cellphones from different eras are all over the place, from the old school box phones to the latest google pixel. Some of them occasionally ring for a moment. Jaca ignores them as he turns and talks to Jaron.

“So Cosmic didn’t show you how to find everyone else?” Jaca asks with urgency.

Jaron nods in agreement. “You were the only one he showed me.”

Jaca shakes his head.

“The rest must not have made it…,” he says with ease.

Johnny speaks up. “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t know what else to do…” Jaca reflects.

Jaca Zulu stands next to Blaine Coffee and looks on as he watches Teek Hall, Cash Lansky, Stacc Styles, and Jus Dorian, led by Cosmic Black, face off against Darksun. Terick Lamont, Marley B and I-dee lie injured on the ground. Darksun towers over the heroes as he trades blows and holds his own against the attack. Teek and Cash fire blasts of energy at Darksun as Stacc Styles and Jus Dorian attack him hand to hand. Darksun is able to dodge the blasts and counter the attacks, he isn’t winning but he isn’t losing either.

“Keep at it. We can take him!” Screams Cosmic as he flies up into the air and unleashes a powerful blast towards Darksun. Darksun rolls out of the way of the blast and smiles.

“You really think you all can st--” Darksun is interrupted by a bright blast hitting him in the chest. It’s from Jaca Zulu, who is using his full power against Darksun. It seems to be working as the heroes close in. All of them begin using their abilities on Darksun, who drops to his knees.

“We got him!” Yells Cosmic. Darksun smiles. All of sudden he starts absorbing all of their energy blasts. He begins to glow bright.

“Fools,” he laughs. He screams out as he springs to his feet, unleashing a powerful blast that sends all of the heroes reeling and to the ground. Cosmic Black tumbles from the sky and hits the ground.

“I swear you all are dumb. Following this fool into battle against a better version of himself. Morons,” Darksun laughs.

Cosmic crawls to his knees. He looks up at Darksun with anger in his eyes.

“This ends NOW!” He screams.

Cosmic’s eyes begin to glow bright as energy swirls around him. He flies straight into Darksun’s chest then carries him into the sky. They fly off miles into the horizon and seemingly crash in distance.

The rest of the heroes lie there as they take the moment to recover from the fight. Cash speaks up.

“Now what?”

Just then, a low rumble can be heard in the distance. The heroes turn towards the direction of the sound to see THOUSANDS of Jaron clones running towards them. They looks mangled and gnarled, darkness in their eyes with no sense of goodness or logic, just mindless minions aiming to kill.

Stacc Styles’ eyes go wide. “RUN!”

The heroes all take off, as the mass of clones gets closer they split off into different directions.

Jaca runs into a nearby cell phone shop. A mass of the clones follows him into the shop. He turns to fight them, blasting and punching the clones with fervor. Suddenly, a bright explosion in the distance fills the sky. A white wall of energy comes surging towards Jaca, decimating everything in site.

Thinking quickly, Jaca grabs the closet cell phone and dials random numbers. As the phone connects, he turns into a wave of energy and zaps himself through the phone.

Jaca sits at his desk at work. He yawns as he looks at the clock on the wall. His phone rings. He grabs and looks at it see the number is a bunch of garbled letters. He shrugs it off and answers the phone.

“Hello,” Jaca asks.

A pulse of energy flies through the phone and goes into Jaca’s ear. His eyes light up with a bright energy before it fades away…
Jaron takes a moment to process the story before he speaks.

“So you are telling us that you are Jaca Zulu from a different multiverse but inside the body of this one?”

Jaca nods.

Johnny chimes in. “Man, that is confusing as fuck!”

“It can be. Yes,” Jaca replies.

Jaron shakes his head still trying to process. “So you have been sitting up here in this underground bunker for the last year?”

Jaca shrugs it off. “I’ve been handling my business.” Jaca pulls out an old nokia brick phone. He dials a number and puts it to his ear. His eyes flash as the phone glows bright. He hangs up the phone and tosses it on the table.

Johnny looks on inquisitively. “What the hell was that?”

"I use these cell phones to search frequencies across the multiverses. It’s how I’m able to have any type of abilities in this multiverse. Absorbing and collecting my own energy signatures helps me keep track of The Void while also waiting for the signal. ”

“Signal?” Jaron replies.

“Before we went into battle with Darkside, Cosmic said he had a backup plan. A failsafe. If things got crazy, he said to find a way out of the battle multiverse that Darksun created and he would find a way to bring everyone back together. From the sound of things, it looks like I’m the only one who made it out.”

He eyes Johnny and Jaron up and down before he smirks.

“I really hope his failsafe was more than just you two or we are fucked,” he scoffs.

Jaron retorts. “We have to find the rest of Starstruck here in this multiverse. Maybe that’s why Cosmic told us to find you. You can help us.”

“You don’t think that I tried searching for Starstruck when I got here? They are nowhere to be found. It’s like their frequencies are stuck in some kind of plane that’s not on the grid. I’m not sure how I can help you.”

Just then, a particular phone rings on the table next to Johnny. Jaca’s eyes go wide.

“Someone is here.”

A muffled explosion can be heard coming from above. Jaca runs to the entrance of the bunker.

“Shit, let’s go.”  

He turns and runs up the stairs before Johnny and Jaron can respond. The two look at each other in confusion. A bright light begins to radiate from the top of the stairs. The two hurry up the staircase to see what is happening.

As they reach the top, they see hundreds of Darksun clones surrounding Jaca Zulu. Jaca’s fists glow with a bright energy as he stand in a ready fighting stance ready to take on the horde.

An old woman sits on a park bench and looks on towards a picturesque lake. In fact, the entire world almost looks like a perfect painting. A beautiful sunset sits on top of a colorful world of peace and serenity. The old woman closes her eyes and breathes deeply as she draws a breath of fresh air. Her eyes open to the sound of a 85 year Jay Monroe approaching her. He smiles as he sits next to her. He kisses her gently on the forehead. She smiles as she replies.

“Hey there, Allstar. How are you?” she smiles.

Jay nods in reply. He has never really been one for a lot of words and that will always be the case. He turns to look at the lake and she eventually joins him. They sit in silence for a long while before she decides to break it.

“You know that you have to go, right?” she questions. “You’ve done everything you can here. You are needed elsewhere.”

Jay ponders this before he speaks. “I don’t want to go.”

She snaps back, “And I don’t want you to leave but we are talking about space and time. How can you sit here in this perfect world, knowing what is going on?”

Jay’s eyes begin to well up with tears. He knows she is right. For decades now, Jay has used his abilities to better his own world. After Cosmic warned him of Darksun, he just wanted to keep everyone safe. He took the time to increase his abilities: what started as synthesia turned into the ability to alter emotions and minds. Powered by Jay’s love for Her, he was able to “mask out” his mutliverse from Darksun and his hateful energy, preventing him from reaching the same demise those parallel versions of himself that Darksun was so intent on destroying. Over the years, Jay would go on to use his abilities for good, manifesting positive energy and love across the planet, eventually bringing on world peace. Jay and Her would go on to live long fruitful and happy lives despite Darksun destroying countless universes around them.

Jay leans in a kisses Her. He strokes her head and stares at her lovingly. She begins to cry.

“I love you, Jay. Remember, always lead with love.”

Jay nods as he slowly begins to fade away. As he does, the color in the world begins to fade with him. As he disappears, she sits alone on the bench in tears, the world engulfed in black and white.

CHAPTER 3 - slab
jaca, Johnny and Jaron are completely surrounded by the clone army. Jaca looks at the other two.

“We gotta get out of here. This isn’t how I’m going out,” He says.

Johnny replies, “You are the one with the super powers! Do something.”

Jaca nods. He turns and fires off a beam of energy, eradicating  a group of clones. Another few rush Johnny and Jaron. Jaron punches one in the face before another grabs him. Johnny is able to fend off two before kicking the other one off of Jaron. Jaca continues to fire blasts but he is clearly outnumbered.

“Fuck this,” stammers Jaca. He fires a blast towards a wall, blowing a hole in it.

“Let’s Go!”

Johnny helps Jaron up as they follow Jaca out of the hole in the wall into an alleyway. Jaca looks both ways before running right.

“This way!” He screams.

Johnny and Jaron begin to follow but slow their pace as they see Jaca come to a halt. They look up to see what’s coming down the alley.

A sea of Jaron clones marches towards them, eyes filled with hate and malice as they move towards them.
“Shit,” screams Jaron.

They all turn around to go the other way down the alley only to see another mass of clones. They are trapped.

“Now what?”Johnny asks.

The three heroes are trapped. As the dark clones inch their way towards them, Jaron tries something out of desperation.

“STOP!” He yells.

Surprisingly, all of the clones come to a halt! Jaron’s eyes go wide. Jaca and Johnny look on in shock.

“What,” asks Jaca. “You can control them?”

“Uh, I guess,” Jaron replies.

“Well let’s get the fuck out of here then!” Johnny says.

Jaron begins to move towards the army of Jaron clones. As he does, they step aside and let him through! The group cautiously moves through the army, all of their eyes shining with a dark glow. A dazed look is washed over all of their faces, their mind clearly destroyed and corrupted by Darksun’s hate energy.

The trio reach the street. There is no traffic or anyone else around. The world is eerily quiet and desolate. Darksun’s energy is taking a hold.

Jaca turns to Jaron and Johnny. “Now what do we do?”

Jaron replies. “I really don’t know. We have to figure some--AHHHHHH!”

Jaron drops to his knees in pain. His hands hold his head as he screams. Johnny and Jaca run to him.

“Jaron!” Says Johnny. “What’s happening?”

Jaron looks up at Johnny. A dark glow fills his eyes. He reaches out and snatches Johnny by the arm. As he does this, the army of Jaron clones begins to stir again. They start to move towards the trio.

“Let go, man!” Johnny screams. “What are you doing?”
“You will never stop Darksun!” Jaron screams. His voice is distorted and harsh.

A blast of energy hits Jaron in his side. He slams into a nearby wall and slumps down. Johnny looks over to see Jaca. The look on his face is remorse, but he had to do what he had to do.
He looks at Johnny who is still shocked that Jaron was just blasted in front of him.

“We have to go, NOW,” Jaca screams. He takes off running down the street.

Johnny snaps out of his trance and takes off after Jaca. The dark army chases them with bloodlust in their eyes. Johnny screams after Jaca.

“Where are we running to?”

Jaca yells back, “We will figure that out later!”

As Jaca and Johnny run around the street corner they stop in their tracks as they are blinded by a bright light.  The beam comes from a purple Cadillac. The car begins to drive towards them full speed. Jaca and Johnny dive out of the way but the caddy drifts towards them and opens the back passenger door. The two dive into the car.

They look up in the front seat to see CUZN IT and Vinney Mendez. As he sits in the passenger seat, Vinney turns and smiles at the two men.

“Looks like we got here right on time,” he cooly states.

“Who are you?” Stammers Johnny.

The army comes around the corner at full speed. Cuzn It floors it. The purple Slab shoots flames out of the exhaust as he down the street, getting far away from the army.

“We will explain when we get to the lab.”

Cuzn it - slab (Click to listen) 

Cuzn it x Vinney Mendez - Flip

Chapter 4 - vibes
Rubix carries a glowing cubed shaped device as he sprints towards the center of the desolate city. He can hear the sounds of battle draw closer as he reaches a giant crater in the middle of an intersection. He slows his pace as he reaches the edge. He peers over to see Cosmic Black going toe to toe with Darksun. They trade blows and energy blasts as they go back and forth.

“Shit. I’m too late,” whispers Rubix. He places the cube on the ground and begins to fiddle with it. The box begins to vibrate and make noise. Rubix impatiently waits as he watches the box. He turns his attention back to the battle.
Darksun kicks Cosmic in the chest then throws him across the crater. He laughs to himself as he walks towards him.

“You know you aren’t supposed to win, right?”

Cosmic pants hard. He muster up an energy blast and hits Darksun in the chest, sending him flying across the crater. He stands up and takes a moment to recover.

“This was never about me,” he retorts.

Rubix turns his attention back to the cube. It flips over once as he shakes his head.

“Come on!”

Rubix is startled by the sound of hundreds of feet walking towards him. He turns around to see THOUSANDS of dark Jarons heading for the crater. He grabs the cube and ducks under some nearby debris.

“This is definitely not good,” he says to himself.

Cosmic stalks towards Darksun but is met with an uppercut to the chin. Darksun smirks.

“This ends now!”

At that moment, hundreds of The Void jump into the crater. They all begin to rush Cosmic who does his best but is overwhelmed quickly as they hold him in place.

Darksun walks over to Cosmic and slaps him across the face.

“You know, I really do appreciate your drive. You have a lot of heart,” Darksun smirks.

Rubix looks at the box again. The panel on top opens up. A white light emits from it. He nods as he turns back and watches and listens in on the conversation.

“Just hold out a little longer, Cosmic.”

Darksun punches Cosmic in the stomach, dropping him to his knees. Darksun smiles and kneels next to him.

“You were the only one strong enough to face me. The Ego? Dead. The Doubt? Ha! What a pussy! The Love disappeared. He is definitely the smartest of all of us. The Reality is sitting in a mental hospital in a universe you will never find. They are all gone, Cosmic. The multiverse is mine!”

Cosmic looks up at Darksun. Blood drips from his mouth.

“This isn’t going to end how you think,” he weakly speaks.

Darksun shakes his head. “I’m not going to lie. When you arrived with Starstruck. I was impressed. I thought you might of had a chance. But you lack love, Cosmic. You are all smarts and actions...The Drive. No REAL heart. You aren’t the one, Cosmic. I’m sorry. This ends now.”

Darksun’s hands begins to glow with a dark energy.

“I’ll never forget that you are apart of me, Cosmic.”

“NO!” Screams Cosmic. A Bright white light begins to seep out of his eyes. The army of the void begins to stir. Darksun hesitates.

“Oh? What is this?”

Cosmic smiles as his body becomes engulf in white energy.

“I always have a backup plan.”

Cosmic explodes in a sea of powerful energy. The burst vaporizes all of The Void and fries Darksun!

Rubix’s eyes go wide as sees Cosmic explode. The wave of energy barrel towards him.


Rubix turns and dives inside the box! The box closes behind but is completely destroyed by the wave of energy.

As the energy dissipates, Darksun’s body lies alone in the middle of the crater, his body smoking from the blast. Cosmic is nowhere to be found. After a few moments, Darksun begins to move. He opens his eyes, despite being completely burned, he smiles with immense pleasure.

Rubix wakes up in an all white area. No walls, no floor, no anything. He gets to his feet and looks around.

“The Cosmiverse,” he says. “I made it!”

He continues to walks around the white void. He becomes more and more nervous as he realizes that he is alone.

“It doesn’t look anyone else made it. I have to find a way out of here.”

Almost as if though he wished it into existence, a briefcase appears. He walks to it and opens it. Inside is a note:

“If you are reading this, I probably exploded in dramatic fashion and died. It be like that sometimes. Welcome to “Plan B:” Creation is the ultimate weapon and this universe is your canvas. If I tell you too much, it won’t happen. Good luck. See you on the other side. -Cosmic.”

Rubix blinks at the letter. “Word….kind of useless.”

“What I need is to create a way out of here and go find the team.”

A series of doors infinite doors appear. Rubix looks on in amazement. He opens the first door to see a bustling city. He closes the door and moves on the next one. He opens to the door to a vast jungle. He closes the door and shakes his head.

“This is going to take awhile.”

400,052 doors and two millenia later...

A door opens and an ageless Rubix hops out. He is covered in dust and proceeds to brush himself off. He shakes his head to himself.

“I need help.”

At that moment, a door opens up and a man walks through. Johnny Rubix’s eyes go wide.

“Who are you?” He asks nervously.

The man smiles as he makes his way towards Rubix.

“The name is Cuzn It. I was sent here by Cosmic to help you,” he smiles.

“Uh ok...word,” replies Rubix. “How did you even get here?”

“We will save that for another time. Right now, we need to go find Vinney Mendez. He can help us find Jaca.”

Rubix looks confused. “ Jaca? I don’t understand. How can he find Jaca?”
“When Cosmic exploded, he sent out a beacon. Almost like a trace for use to be able to find each other. The signal is connected like a string. He did this so Darksun couldn’t trace the energy source and find us. We are connected in a linear path from Cosmic’s energy,” Cuzn It replies

Rubix begins to understand. “So the signal gets stronger as we find each other. Meaning we can only find more members of Starstruck one at a time.”

“Yup. We are all connected. I know where to find Vinney and he knows where to find Jaca,” Cuzn It replies. “If we can bring them back here. We can use the doorways to find everyone much faster.”

Rubix nods. It all makes sense to him now. “So where is Vinney?” Cuzn it smiles. He waves his hand and a purple cadillac appears out of thin air. He jumps in the driver seat and waves for Rubix to join him.

“Hop in, I’ll show you.”

Jaca and Johnny blink as they stand in the Cosmiverse and listen to Rubix.. They look at each other for a moment before Jaca speaks.

“That was mad confusing but that sounds about right, knowing Cosmic,” he laughs.

Rubix nods, “I think he wanted to keep Darksun off our trail. The problem is that as we assemble, that will be harder to do.”

Johnny Love speaks up, “Yeah, but if we can get ALL of Starstruck together. There is no way that he can stop us all...can he?”

Rubix and Jaca look at each other. They know first hand what Darksun is capable of.

“I hope so,” replies Rubix. “We have to bring him here. This is the only place where we have a true advantage.”

Vinney stops playing with a ball of energy and chimes in.

“How are we supposed to get him in here? It’s not like he is going to walk through one of these doors.”

Rubix holds up a partially built box. “With this. The Parallax Device. This is how I got here. I’ve been spending years trying to rebuild it. If  we can just get Darksun close enough, we can suck him into the Cosmiverse.”

Cuzn It speaks up, “Even if we can get him near the box, there is no way we will be able to find all of Starstruck fast enough.”

Rubix replies, “You are right. But it seems that the Parallax Device gets stronger with every member of Starstruck we find. I’m thinking if we can just find one more member, I can use the device to send out a signal to rest of Starstruck and bring them here.”

Vinney nods, “Sounds good. So who is the next member we need to find?”

Everyone turns to Jaca Zulu. He shrugs his shoulders.

“I don’t know. Good question,” He says as he pulls out a cell phone. “But I think I have a way to find out.” He starts dialing a phone number and brings the phone to his ear.

Rubix ponders, “I need to stay here and have the device ready. As soon as we find the next member, bring them here and I can use it to send out the beacon. After we assemble the team, we can form a plan to bring Darksun here.”

Everyone nods in agreement. Jaca hangs up the phone and begins to walk towards a door.

“Guys, I hope you have your ones ready...because we are going to the strip club.”
chapter epilogue
the negaverse
darksun sits all alone in the all black negative space of the negaverse as he wallows in hate energy. suddenly, his eyes go wide, almost as if he hears a noise. he smiles.
"Finally. I found you all."
he slowly rises to his feet. he waves his hands and thousands of portals open up inside the negaverse, revealing an army of darkside clones, bigger than ever before. darksun's eyes glow with powerful hate energy.
"time to put an end to this."
Chapter 5 - Jewel
Johnny Love, Jaca Zulu, Vinney Mendez and Cuzn It stand outside of the brightly lit nightclub. The words “Jewel” flash on and off in pink neon lights. Jaca turns to the group.

“Remember, as soon as we find Lizzy, we call Rubix and he will open up a doorway to the Cosmiverse. We aren’t here to throw ones at strippers.”

Cuzn It frowns as he pockets his band of ones.

“What does she look like anyways,” he replies.

Jaca pulls out a cell phone and shows the group a picture of a scantily clad Lizzy Page.

Johnny Love’s eyes go wide. “Oh My,” he exclaims.

Vinney speaks up.

“We need to act as normal as possible. We can’t be going in there looking like a group of men trying to abduct a woman,” he states.

Cuzn It reaches back in his pocket and slowly pulls out the ones.

Jaca Zulu shakes his head as he sighs.

“Okay...fine. Let’s blend in.”

Later on…

The group proceeds to “blend in” with the crowd. Making it rain on strippers, buying shots at the bar, getting lapdances and basically wildin’ out. After a couple of hours, Jaca stumbles over to a security guard. He pulls out his phone and shows him the picture of Lizzy.

The guard looks at the photo then proceeds to look forward. He speaks sternly.

“Madam Page will be performing shortly.”

“Madam Page?” Jaca replies.

“The owner of Jewel,” the guard snaps back.

“Ah okay. Relax, my guy,” Jaca hiccups.

Jaca returns to sit next to the group. They give him a look as he sits.

“So what’s the verdict? I’m running out of ones.”

Right on queue, the lights dim and the crowd begins to the cheer.

An announcer comes over the speakers.

“Introducing The Farmer’s Daughter…Madam Lizzy Page!”

Smoke fills the stage as Lizzy Page appears in a sea of color. The crowd goes crazy as she hits center stage.

As she dances and sings on stage, streams of multicolor energy fires from her and hits the crowd, hypnotizing them to hang on her every movie. The team seems immunes to the energy. Lizzy notices this and smirks. She doubles down as her colorful energy swells.

The team, while surely impressed with her talents, aren’t phased by her seductive energy. Meanwhile, the entire room seems to be hypnotized as they hang on her every move.

Lizzy motions for the music to stop. She eyes the group of four men sitting front row.

“Who are you,” she asks.

Jaca speaks up. “We are Starstruck. We are here to get you.”

Lizzy smiles.

“It’s about time.”

She eyes the unlikely group of four sitting in front of her.

“Not exactly what I was expecting,” she cooly states.

“It is what it is,” replies Vinney.

“We gotta get you to Rubix before--,” Jaca speaks but is interrupted by a loud explosion outside.

The group of five run outside to see Darksun standing with a plume of fire behind him. He laughs as he sees them exit the building. The team stops in their tracks.

“Shit. He is here. We are fucked,” Jaca says.

Darksun’s eyes glow with a dark energy as he grins.

“So this is the new starstruck team, huh? Pathetic.”

He waves his hand and a dark portal opens up. Hundreds of The Void jump through. Vinney Mendez immediately starts firing off energy blasts. The rest of the team follows suit and begins to attack The Void except a powerless Johnny Love, who runs behind a car and watches the battle. Jaca looks to the rest of the team.

“Looks like we might have to stand our ground here. We have to get Darksun into the Cosmiverse,” Jaca yells as he fights off The Void.

Darksun looks on and remains motionless as he watches Starstruck battle against the void. He raises his hand and fires a blast at Vinney, sending him crashing into the strip club building, causing it to collapse around him!

The rest of the team pauses with shock as they watch the building collapse.  Anger washes over Lizzy’s face as she watches her club get destroyed. She turns towards Darksun with a pink energy emitting from her eyes.

“You just fucked up,” she yells. She raises her hands and fires off a multi colored blast of energy. It hits Darksun with incredible force, sending him stumbling back. She continues to press the blast into him, it seems that she has the advantage as she holds him with the beam.

Meanwhile, Jaca and Cuzn fight off the wave of The Void. Cuzn It sends out a wave that knocks all of them back. He looks to Jaca.

“What’s the move, big guy?”

Jaca pulls out a cell phone and dials a number. As he does this, dark portals open next to him, Lizzy and Cuzn It. Hundreds of hands of The Void reach out and pull them into the NEGAVERSE!

Johnny Love looks on from behind the car in shock.

“No,” he whispers. As he watches his friends get pulled into The Negaverse, a white doorway appears in the street near Darksun. Darksun smiles as he stares at the door.

The Cosmiverse

Rubix frantically works on the almost complete Parallax Device. As he works, the cell phone on the table rings.

“Rad. They got Lizzy.”

He waves his hand and a door appears. He goes back to tinkering with The Parallax Device. He hears the door open but shivers at the sound of the voice.

“Finally,” Darksun calmly states.

Rubix’s eyes go wide as turns and stares down Darksun.


Darksun laughs as hundreds of doors appear and open up. Thousands of The Void flood into the Cosmiverse! They surround Rubix and The Parallax Device. Darksun cuts his way through The Void and approaches Rubix.
“I have one more surprise for you,” he smiles.

Another door opens next to them. When it opens, Rubix looks terrified as “dark” versions of Jaca Zulu, Lizzy Page and Cuzn It walk out.
Chapter 6 - apart
A massive group of The Void surround Rubix as he continues to work away at the parallax device. Darksun stalks over him while the dark versions of Lizzy, Cuzn It and Jaca Zulu look on.

Darksun’s voice looms through the cosmiverse as he speaks to Rubix.

“How long until you are finished?”

Rubix shoots a dirty look at Darksun.

“I was almost done until you asked for this modification, you piece of shit,” he retorts.

Darksun smiles. He is glad he is getting under Rubix’s skin.

“I love to see the hate build in you. You will make an excellent dark puppet.”

“Is that your plan?” retorts Rubix. “Turn everyone into haters like you?”

“Everyone would be more happy if they lead with hate. Love? Ego? Doubt? Those are bullshit emotions that are stemmed in fear,” snarls Darksun. “Hate changes worlds. Once you finish the Parallax device, we will bring it to the negaverse and summon the rest of Starstruck. Once I trap them there, I will make them dark puppets like the rest of your pathetic team and they will help me spread hate across the multiverse.”

Rubix stares hard at Darksun. “You are fucking wild, my guy. Besides, you killed Vinney. I can’t open the device without all of the totems.”

Darksun laughs. “You are a fool. You weak ass friend isn’t dead. He is being taken care of as we speak…”
Vinney wakes up and finds himself trapped in an air pocket under the rubble of the fallen strip club. There is enough room for him to move around a little but not stand up. He snaps his fingers, causing his hand to glow with a bright blue light. He assesses the situation for the moment.

“Fuck, this isn’t good,” he says. He tries to push on some of the debris but to no luck.

“I gotta get out of here and back to the team. They are probably in trouble.”

As he lies there, he hears a faint sound that gradually gets louder. Eventually the debris is lifted. Vinney finds himself staring at a group of The Void.


Johnny Love hides behind a trash can and watches as The Void extracts Vinney from the pile of rubble. They drag him into a dark portal and disappear. Johnny ducks behind the trash can.

“Now what?”

Johnny Love looks across the street to see an old man sitting on a bus stop bench. He glows with brilliant color as he stares at Johnny and smiles. He motions for him to come sit next to him. Johnny moves towards him, as he does, he realizes he is looking at an old version of Jaron.

“Jaron? Is that you?”

The old man smiles as he looks Johnny up and down. “The name is Jay. Have a seat.”

Johnny sits next to him.

“I can see why he chose you,” he laughs.  

An anxious Johnny snaps back, “What is going on?”

“It is time for you to do what you are supposed to do,” Jay calmly states. “Unlock your true potential.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? My friends are dying right now!” Johnny yells is frustration.

“I’m not the one with the answers. I just know I’m supposed to guide you in the right direction,” Jay replies.

“Oh yeah? Where is that?” Asks Johnny.

“The Darkness. You been there before haven’t you?” Jay asks.

Johnny’s expression changes to one of shock. The words hit him like a dagger. He doesn’t respond.

“You’ve been to the darkness and came back in one piece. You are the only one who can survive the darkness. This is why you are here. If you want to save your friends, you’ll have to go back in there and find the source.”

Johnny looks up. “The source?” he asks.

“You’ll know when you see it. It’s the catalyst for everything. How Darksun was able to become so powerful. Free the source, free the multiverse.”

Johnny nods. He knows Jay is right. “ how do I get there?”

Jay smiles. “That’s why I am here. Hate and Love...we come from the same source, believe it or not.The only difference is that I decided to love everyone.

Jay waves his hand and a dark portal opens up.

“Go. Your friends need you,” he says.

Johnny stares at the portal long and hard before walks into the portal.

Darksun paces the all white universe. He suddenly stops and smiles.

“Excellent. Vinney has been corrupted.”

A door opens next to Darksun. An evil Vinney steps out and walks to the rest of Dark Starstruck.

Rubix sees this and a nervous look washes over his face. He knows he can’t stall any longer. He watches as Darksun approaches him.

“Are you close?” He asks.

Rubix shakes his head.

“I need more time,” he meekly states.

Darksun shakes his head. He waves his hand and a group of The Void open a nearby door and begin to flood into it. Rubix’s eyes go wide.

“What are you doing?” he screams.

“For every minute you take to finish The Parallax Device, I’m going to send an army of my Void to a different universe and destroy it.”

Anger washes over Rubix’s face.

“You are fucking crazy!” He yells.

“Lose lose situation ‘my guy’” Darksun laughs back. The laughter echoes loudly through Cosmiverse.
Johnny walks out of the portal into a dark desolate empty space. He shivers with coldness as the darkness begins to consume him. He drops to his knees as he begins to turn grey.

As he closes his eyes he begins to hear the voices in his head. His body begins to glow with bright color. The voices direct him through the darkness, carving a path of light through the void.

As he wanders through the darkness, he eventually sees a white door. He approaches the door and looks at it. He hesitates for a moment before he opens it. He is washed in a bright light as he enters the room.

Inside, an older Jaron sits in an all white room in a chair and a bed.
“Jaron? Is that you?” Johnny asks.

He looks up and stares at Johnny long and hard.

“Oh are like me?” He replies with surprise in his eyes.

“Like you?” questions Johnny.

“A creator. A worldmaker. How else were you able to find me here?” Jaron replies.

“I was told to come find you by Cosmic Black, then by Jay,” Johnny answers.

Jaron smiles to himself. “Ha. That makes sense.”

Johnny’s anxiety rises. “What is going on? Are you the source? What the fuck is a worldmaker?”

“The source? Is that what they called me? Because that’s super cool. Kind of like from the Matrix,” Jaron laughs.

Johnny doesn’t seem to be too amused. Jaron notices.
“Ahem, right. So yeah...we are worldmakers, man. We have the ability to create, destroy and manipulate universes. Those “voices” in your head? Those are different versions of you guiding you. Your totems,” Jaron explains. “I know all of this because I have them too...well, I did.”

Johnny catches on. “YOU separated the totems. Why?”

“Those voices in your head can destroy you if you let them. I’m sure you know this. I felt that if I just gave them their own “universes”, I could have a little bit of peace.”

“What happened,” Johnny replies. “How did you end up here?”

“Well, I got a protip for you: Do not try to do what I did. It turns out when you do, you sort of lose control of what they want to do. It was all good until Darksun decided he wanted everyone gone. He attacked my psyche, made me go crazy. He was able to trap me in here in this world, surrounded by darkness. He even brought in a therapist, probably because he knew that if I went TOO crazy, he would die,” Jaron explains.

Johnny is taken aback by all of the new information but it seems to have given him a new sense of clarity.

“It all makes sense. Everything. The voices, the reason why I’m here. All of it!” Johnny exclaims.

Jaron nods. “Unfortunately, without my totems, I’m basically stuck here as Darksun goes and destroys worlds. The Ego, The Doubt and The Drive are all gone. I have nothing but myself, the reality. Pretty shitty.”

“That’s why Cosmic went to get get new totems,” Johnny realizes. “That’s why he found me...I’m the only one who can get to you.”

“Seems like it,” replies Jaron. “But where is Starstruck?”

Almost as if on cue, the room begins to shake and the walls flash multiple colors before dissolving into the darkness.

“Shit. He is here,” Jaron says.

A dark portal opens and Darksun walks through followed by Dark Starstruck and Rubix, who is holding The Parallax Device. As soon as he steps into the darkness, he drops to his knees and screams and pain. The darkness begins to engulf him.

“AHHHHHHH,” Rubix screams. He goes silent as the darkness finishes its task. He rises to his feet with a dark glowing energy in his eyes. Darksun smiles.

“Excellent,” he says. “Now turn on the Parallax Device and summon the rest of Starstruck.”

Rubix begins to comply. He place the Parallax Device on the ground. The rest of Dark Starstruck begin to gather around him.

“NO!” Johnny yells. The screams pierces through the darkness like lightning.

Darksun looks over to see Johnny and Jaron standing in the Darkness. His eyes go wide with surprise.

“You!” He says as he stalks towards them. “I don’t know how you are able to survive here but it won’t be for long.”

Jaron steps in front of Johnny. He swings his fist upward. Cracking it into Darksun’s Jaw. Darksun drops to the ground. Shocked by the attack. He smiles at Jaron.

“You finally decided to fight the Hate, huh? WELL LET’S GO!” Darksun yells as he tackles Jaron. They begin to fight. As they do, dark portals begin to open up and The Void begin to flood in, all of them rushing towards Johnny Love!

Dark Starstruck continues to stand around the device. It glows brighter and brighter as it moves into position. Meanwhile, Darksun and Jaron trade blows. The fight is fierce, they are equally matched as they brutally punch and kick each other.

Jaron yells at Johnny Love. “You have to do something! Remember what I told you!” He screams.

Johnny stands there are he watches a million of The Void rush towards him. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. A small glow begins to build around him. It grows brighter, eventually engulfing him in a bright multicolored wave of energy.

He throws his hands into and splits into an ARMY OF A THOUSAND JOHNNY LOVES! They all glow with energy, fist spewing multicolored electric energy. They rush the The Void and collide in an explosion of light and dark energy that shoots out in all directions.

Dark Starstruck breaks the circle as they fall to the floor. Darksun and Jaron get knocked to the ground from the wave. The army of Johnny Loves is vastly outnumber but more powerful than The Void as they chip away at the horde.

The energy also pierces through the very fabric of the negaverse. Cracks of light begin to seep into the darkness. Darksun sees this and his eyes go wide.

“NO!” He screams. He turns to see The Parallax Device lying on the floor, spinning and flipping as it goes into its final sequence. Jaron also sees the device. The both have the same idea as they rush towards it.

They dive for the device, both of them grabbing it at the same time. Meanwhile the negaverse continues to crack. It is now half dark and half light.

The army of Johnny Love is beginning to get overwhelmed by the non stop attack of The Void. Dark Starstruck begin to wake up from the blast. Johnny Love screams.

“This is it, Jaron!” He yells.

Jaron and Darksun stare at each other with an intense glare as cube finishes the final sequence.

“Why are you doing all of this? Just let the hate win,” Darksun pleads.

Jaron’s eyes begin to glow with a white energy as the top of the cube opens up.

“Balance.” He says.

Energy shoots out the cube and explodes in all directions washing the entire realm in a sea of light.

All of the members of Dark Starstruck begin to scream and grab their heads in pain as their bodies duplicate themselves back into their original versions! The group finds themselves staring at their opposite clones.

The beam from The Parallax Device opens up a multicolored portal. After a few moments, THE REST OF THE STARSTRUCK TEAM  rUN THROUGH THE PORTAL: Johnny Redd, Cash Lansky, 8ohEight, Stacc Styles, J- Rich, Marley B, So Gross, Jus Dorian, 24k Jake,  Blaine Coffee, I-Dee, Terick Lamont, McCoop, Blaze Rock, Fated, Guyver, Joseph Bills, Lando Chill, Young One Era, Teek Hall and Haze!

As they walk through the portal, they “split” into two, a light version and a dark version. The dark side joins the rest of Dark Starstruck while the originals lineup next to Jaron, who is now glowing with a bright energy.

“Looks like I got my totems back,” he smiles. He watches as Darksun lines up in front of Dark Starstruck, a legion of The  Void stand behind him. Starstruck is outnumbered by 20 fold and Darksun knows this. The darkness swirls around him as he stares at Jaron.

“Do you really think you can beat me? We did this before and I defeated your entire team by myself. There is no way you are defeating my army AND Dark Starstruck! Give up, Jaron! It is over!”
White energy swirls around Jaron. He turns to look at his team. All of them are prepared to battle, ready to die to save the multiverse. They gave up everything to fight for what they believe in and spread their truth. A moment of clarity washes over Jaron’s face: They were never here to fight FOR him, there were here to inspire him to fight for himself.

He steps forward and stares at the army in front of him.

“You know. You are right. This is over,” he says. The energy swirling around him begins to glow brighter and brighter. Light begins to crack through his flesh.

Darksun eyes go wide as he realizes what is about to happen. He sprints towards Jaron at full speed!

“What? NOOOOOOO!” He screams.

Jaron is now pure light energy, he smirks at Darksun as he watches him rush towards him.

“You’ve been struck by stars, motherfucker,” he calmly states.

Jaron explodes in a sea of light, washing EVERYTHING away in the process. Starstruck, Darksun, The Voit, everything is absorbed into the light. Jaron screams in agony as everything suddenly goes black....

An unconscious, alone Jaron slowly floats through an all grey universe. He comes to a gentle landing. As he wakes up, a world begins to fade in. Jaron finds himself lying in the middle of a park in a city. He rises to his feet and looks around. He then looks down at his hands, which glow with colorful electric bursts. He smiles.

“Singularity...I did it,” he says. Jaron looks around and notices that the world is back to normal. People play in  the park, an old man feeds ducks.

Jaron takes a deep breath. He has won. No more multiverses, no more of The Void or hate being spread. He is a finally whole again. He ponders to himself. Where are the members of Starstruck? More than likely, they are here, fighting their own battles. When the time comes, they will all cross paths again to save the greater good.

In the meantime, Jaron has his own journey to travel. People are still in need. Other sources of hate and darkness continue to threaten this world. With his ability, it his obligation to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. This is bigger than him now.

People in the park look on as a bright energy swirls around Jaron. He begins to float into the air. People pull out their phones and begin recording the phenomenon. Jaron zooms off into the sky, ready to fight for the truth.
Epilogue: Later that evening.

A young man sits in a dark room obsessively staring at different pictures of members of Starstruck. He reaches out his hand and the refrigerator opens by itself. A soda floats out and into his hand. He opens it and chugs it down before tossing it over his shoulder into a pile of empty cans. As he flips through the pictures he lands on Jaron and stares at it hard. Anger fills his eyes.

“Where are you, you piece of shit?” He grumbles to himself.

The man’s attention is caught by the television playing a news broadcast. The reporter stands in a park.

“Onlookers say that the man was glowing with energy before he flew off into the sky,” she says. “We actually have phone footage confirming this.”

The television shows Jaron standing in the park, glowing with energy before he flies off. The young man smiles.

“Finally. I’m going to destroy and your entire fucking team,” he laughs. He snaps his fingers and the Television explodes.


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