After Darksun defeats members of the Starstruck Initiative in the events of “When The Stars Fell…,” He takes control of and eventually shatters the Black One Multiverse, effectively erasing the existence of Starstruck and sending all of the members to their own personal multiverses. Darksun continues to spread hate and negative energy, slowly poisoning and decaying not only his own universe but the collective consciousness of every sentient being that exists.
By banishing Cosmic Black to an eternity of shifting through different multiverses, he defeated the only known threat to his plan and rules the multiverses to his will. A year later, as worlds across multiverses still try to comprehend the existence, and decay of multiverses but not being able to access them to change anything without Cosmic Black’s powers, we find members of Starstruck surviving and living in their respective universes, still able to harness their innate abilities. Knowing that Cosmic Black is gone and the Black One Multiverse is destroyed, the heroes accept their fate and to focus on being the best versions of themselves in their own personal worlds, doing their best to stave off the ever growing hate and negative energy.
However, a brand new hero from a yet to be infected multiverse harnesses a new ability that can not only counter Darksun’s powerful negative energy but also tap into Cosmic Black’s life force. with his ability to communicate with different versions of himself across multiverses, our new hero realizes that he can channel and redirect the power of cosmic black.  After finding the “Jaron” of his own multiverse, our new hero must convince him to join him on a mission that will change everything...
chapter 1 "demons"
"how are you so sure this is going to work?" Jaron speaks in A heavy tone as he stares at a wide eye johnny love. 
"I honestly don't know," replies Johnny. "I'm trying to figure this all out myself."
Jaron shakes his head and massages the brow of his nose. He is clearly frustrated as he paces his apartment living room. Johnny sits at the table and bounces his leg as he watches him. the tension is high. this is usually the case when a complete stranger shows up to your apartment as tells you that different version of you has the ability to bend space and time. The crazy part is that jaron has a feeling that he is right. 
"ok, kid. breakdown this starstruck bullshit to me again," Jaron continues. "you are saying that we have to go find them to do what now?"
"Restore the balance the multiverse and save everyone," Johnny quickly replies. 
"That! That right there," Jaron snaps back. "Why would I give a flying fuck about what is happening in some other universe? None of that "void" shit I keep seeing on the news has even come to this multiverse. Do you know how many multiverses there are? 
Johnny frowns. "Because whatever is destroying those multiverses is coming this way!"  
jaron scoffs, "And who is this evil threat we have to worry about?"
Johnny hesitates before he speaks. He looks jaron dead in the eye before he replies. 
Jaron laughs, "heh, oh yeah? and the voices in your head told you all of this right?" 
Johnny looks slight offended. He knows that jaron isn't taken him seriously even though a superpowered version of the man standing in front of him started speaking to him in a his head and told him to come here this morning. he knew he couldn't leave without some how convincing jaron to help him. 
"i've had these voices in my head for a very long time now. as long as i have known. I used to call them "Demons," johnny reflects. 
jaron stares blankly at johnny "Neat," he replies with clear boredom. ​​​​​​​

Johnny continues,"it wasn't until after the news of "the void" that i realized that the voices were coming from different universes." 
"oh yeah? what were those voices saying? get some help?" laughs jaron. 
"they weren't saying anything really, just gibberish. until this morning, when I heard a new voice. your voice. it told me to come here. to find you. he showed me everything. the cause of the void, darksun, and what will happen if we don't stop it."
"look man, i was nice enough to let you inside my house. you looked like you needed some conversation but all of this starstruck, save the multiverse, cosmic black shit you are saying is fucking dumb. I got to get to work here soon, so i'm going to have to ask you to leave," jaron firmly states. 
"Wait!" johnny pleads with jaron. "I just need to know where I can find other members of starstruck. uh...jaca zulu, or maybe lizzy page or rubix?"
"Man, I have no idea who the fuck you are talking about, and from the sound of it, it seems like you don't either. there is no starstruck, we aren't going to save the multiverse together and you are fucking crazy. time to go, buddy."
jaron walks over to johnny grabs him by the shoulder. when he does, a bright flash goes off in the room, his eyes begin to glow as he starts to float in the air. johnny can only look on in fear.   
Jaron screams in pain as a bright multi colored energy swirls around him. the energy disappears and jaron falls to his knees. he buries his faces into his hands. johnny runs to him. 
"oh my god! are you okay?" he asks. 
jaron pulls his hands from his face. tears stream down his cheek. 
"i saw everything. the void. the war. oh my god." he cries. "i felt it all. the hate, the pain, the violence and destruction. it is too much."
johnny nods his head. "it's coming here," he says. 
"no," replies jaron. "It's already here. spreading amongst the people....oh god."
Jaron stands up. he grabs his keys and his wallet from the kitchen counter before moving towards the door. 
"I have to stop this," he exclaims. he turns to look at johnny, who is still kneeling on the ground. "are you coming?"
Johnny looks confused. "where are we going?"
jaron stares at johnny hard. "To go find starstruck." 

"demons" (Freeverse)

CHapter 2 - frequency (coming soon)
Chapter 2: Frequency

As Jaron and Johnny enter the seedy looking and nearly empty warehouse, Johnny turns to Jaron.

“Why are we here? This place is empty,”  Love says.

Jaron doesn’t make eye contact as he steps into the large open room.

“He has to be here,” Jaron whispers.

As they move towards the middle of the area, they hear a ringtone. They both turn their gaze to the center of the warehouse to see a T-mobile Sidekick lying on the ground, ringing loudly. Johnny reaches reaches the phone first and picks it up.

“Is this a fucking Sidekick? I haven’t seen one of these in years,” he says.

As he examines it, the Sidekick begins to glow red hot, burning Johnny’s hand.
“AHHHHH!” He screams as he drops the phone. When it hits the ground it explodes in a sea of light blinding Johnny and Jaron. As they stagger back, a shadowy figure drops from the ceiling next to Johnny. He grabs him by the hair and throws him across the room. He then turns toward Jaron, pulls a Mototrola Razr from his pocket and opens it. A blast of energy shoots out and Jaron in the chest. The figure runs over to Jaron and gets on top of him before he can recover. He holds the glowing cell phone over his face as he examines him. After a moment, he shakes his head.

“You aren’t one of them,” he says as he looks Jaron up and down. “You aren’t Cosmic either.”

Jaron, still shocked from the surprise attack, screams out in anger. “One of what?! What the hell! Get off of me.”

“Oh sorry.” The figure gets off of Jaron and helps him up. It is only at that moment that Jaron realizes that he is looking at Jaca Zulu.

“Jaca?” He exclaims.
Jaca nods. “In the flesh.”

Johnny groans in the distance. Jaca and Jaron hear the noise and run towards him. Johnny lies against the wall rubbing his head.

“Oh shit,” Jaca laughs. “My bad. Is this your homey?”

Jaca reaches out a hand to Johnny. Johnny grabs it and pulls himself up.

“Nice Welcome,” Says Johnny.

Jaca turns back to Jaron. “You aren’t one of them and you aren’t Cosmic, who are you?”

“Uh...I’m just regular ass me. I was drawn here by find you.”

Jaca motions towards Johnny. Jaron responds “Oh, That’s Johnny. He randomly showed up at my house talking about multiverses and alternate evil versions of me with unlimited power. As I was kindly trying to kick him out, something...happened. Cosmic appeared to me and told me I needed to find Starstruck."

Jaca laughs, “Starstruck is gone. Did Cosmic tell you that?”

Johnny and Jaron look at each other in confusion. Jaca shakes his head.

“Come on, let’s get out of the open,” he says.

Jaca walks over to the corner of the warehouse and pushes a panel. A door opens up in the floor revealing a staircase. He begins to walk down. “Follow me.”

Johnny and Jaron are hesitant before they follow Jaca downstairs, revealing a large open living area. Cellphones from different eras are all over the place, from the old school box phones to the latest google pixel. Some of them occasionally ring for a moment. Jaca ignores them as he turns and talks to Jaron.

“So Cosmic didn’t show you how to find everyone else?” Jaca asks with urgency.

Jaron nods in agreement. “You were the only one he showed me.”

Jaca shakes his head.

“The rest must not have made it…,” he says with ease.

Johnny speaks up. “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t know what else to do…” Jaca reflects.

Jaca Zulu stands next to Blaine Coffee and looks on as he watches Teek Hall, Cash Lansky, Stacc Styles, and Jus Dorian, led by Cosmic Black, face off against Darksun. Terick Lamont, Marley B and I-dee lie injured on the ground. Darksun towers over the heroes as he trades blows and holds his own against the attack. Teek and Cash fire blasts of energy at Darksun as Stacc Styles and Jus Dorian attack him hand to hand. Darksun is able to dodge the blasts and counter the attacks, he isn’t winning but he isn’t losing either.

“Keep at it. We can take him!” Screams Cosmic as he flies up into the air and unleashes a powerful towards Darksun. Darksun rolls out of the way of the blast and smiles.

“You really think you all can st--” Darksun is interrupted by a bright blast hitting him in the chest. It’s from Jaca Zulu, who is using his full power against Darksun. It seems to be working as the heroes close in. All of them begin using their abilities on Darksun, who drops to his knees.

“We got him!” Yells Cosmic. Darksun smiles. All of sudden he starts absorbing all of their energy blasts. He begins to glow bright.

“Fools,” he laughs. He screams out as he springs to his feet, unleashing a powerful blast that sends all of the heroes reeling and to the ground. Cosmic Black tumbles from the sky and hits the ground.

“I swear you all are dumb. Following this fool into battle against a better version of himself. Morons,” Darksun laughs.

Cosmic crawls to his knees. He looks up at Darksun with anger in his eyes.

“This ends NOW!” He screams.

Cosmic’s eyes begin to glow bright as energy swirls around him. He flies straight into Darksun’s chest then carries him into the sky. They fly off miles into the horizon and seemingly crash in distance.

The rest of the heroes lie there as they take the moment to recover from the fight. Cash speaks up.

“Now what?”

Just then, a low rumble can be heard in the distance. The heroes turn towards the direction of the sound to see THOUSANDS of Jaron clones running towards them. They looks mangled and gnarls, darkness in their eyes with no sense of goodness or logic, just mindless minions aiming to kill.

Stacc Styles’ eyes go wide. “RUN!”

The heroes all take off, as the mass of clones gets closer they split off into different directions.

Jaca runs into a nearby cell phone shop. A mass of the clones follows him into the shop. He turns to fight them, blasting and punching the clones with fervor. Suddenly, a bright explosion in the distance fills the sky. A white wall of energy comes surging towards Jaca, decimating everything in site.

Thinking quickly, Jaca grabs the closet cell phone and dials random numbers. As the phone connects, he turns into a wave of energy and zaps himself through the phone.

Jaca sits at his desk at work. He yawns as he looks at the clock on the wall. His phone rings. He grabs and looks at it see the number is a bunch of garbled letters. He shrugs it off and answers the phone.

“Hello,” Jaca asks.

A pulse of energy flies through the phone and goes into Jaca’s ear. His eyes light up with a bright energy before it fades away…
Jaron takes a moment to process the story before he speaks.

“So you are telling us that you are Jaca Zulu from a different multiverse but inside the body of this one?”

Jaca nods.

Johnny chimes in. “Man, that is confusing as fuck!”

“It can be. Yes,” Jaca replies.

Jaron shakes his head still trying to process. “So you have been sitting up here in this underground bunker for the last year?”

Jaca shrugs is off. “I’ve been handling my business.” Jaca pulls out an old nokia brick phone. He dials a number and puts it to his ear. His eyes flash as the phone glows bright. He hangs up the phone and tosses it on the table.

Johnny looks on inquisitively. “What the hell was that?”

"I use these cell phones to search frequencies across the multiverses. It’s how I’m able to have any type of abilities in this multiverse. Absorbing and collecting my own energy signatures helps me keep track of The Void while also waiting for the signal. ”

“Signal?” Jaron replies.

“Before we went into battle with Darkside, Cosmic said he had a backup plan. A failsafe. If things got crazy, he said to find a way out of the battle multiverse that Darksun created and he would find a way to bring everyone back together. From the sound of things, it looks like I’m the only one who made it out.”

He eyes Johnny and Jaron up and down before he smirks.

“I really hope his failsafe was more than just you two or we are fucked,” he scoffs.

Jaron retorts. “We have to find the rest of Starstruck here in this multiverse. Maybe that’s why Cosmic told us to find you. You can help us.”

“You don’t think that I tried searching for Starstruck when I got here? They are nowhere to be found. It’s like their frequencies are stuck in some kind of plane that’s not on the grid. I’m not sure how I can help you.”

Just then, a particular phone rings on the table next to Johnny. Jaca’s eyes go wide.

“Someone is here.”

A muffled explosion can be heard coming from above. Jaca runs to the entrance of the bunker.

“Shit, let’s go.”  

He turns and runs up the stairs before Johnny and Jaron can respond. The two look at each other in confusion. A bright light begins to radiate from the top of the stairs. The two hurry up the staircase to see what is happening.

As they reach the top, they see hundreds of Darksun clones surrounding Jaca Zulu. Jaca’s fists glow with a bright energy as he stand in a ready fighting stance ready to take on the horde.
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